Leboncoin Search URL splitter

Convert a starting search URL into a set of specified starting URLs. Bypass the 3500 listings limit per search URL. Collect large datasets.

URL Splitter
Convert a standard leboncoin search URL into distinct localized URLsBypass 3500-listings display limit and collect exhaustive datasets
Add URLAdd the leboncoin Search URL from your online search in the corresponding field
Pick split level
Pick split levelChoose the level of precision of your division: by department or by region.
Auto-generateGenerate automatically a set of several localized Leboncoin Search URLs

Generate automatically a set of several localized Leboncoin Search URLs

Leboncoin is a fantastic place to collect data. More than 60 million ads are available on the site, in all categories: real estate, jobs, cars, vacations.

However, with a leboncoin search URL, you will only access the first 3500 ads. To get around this display limit, use our leboncoin splitting tool. Transform a general search URL into a list of localized URLs: 1 per region, or 1 per department.

Bypass the display limit easily. And collect data massively using our leboncoin crawler here.

3 steps
Copy the Leboncoin Search URL
Go to leboncoin, and pick the criteria that corresponds to the search of your choice. Copy the URL from your browser.
Add the URL and specify split accuracy
Paste the search URL into the corresponding field. And specify the precision of split required: by department or by region.
Auto-generate localized URLs
Press the "split" button. This will generate a list of URLs located by department. You just have to download and upload it to our leboncoin crawler. No more display limits. Congratulations!