Phantombuster alternative?

PhantomBuster is time-consuming, limited, and expensive. We do provide instead easy setup, huge scale and a massively competitive pricing offer. Bouh! Phantom is scary. Drop it.

Consumption time for 50 EUR per month
Account Synchronization
Account Limitations Management
Free plan
Live Console
S3 export
GoogleSheet export
Webhook Notifications


Stay safe

Because the cookie was hastily shared between 3 accounts. On a platform that definitely doesn't care about you.

With lobstr, link your account to as many squids as you need. Once a limit is reached, scraping is automatically paused.

We take care of what you entrust to us. That's the least we can do.

Go massive

One account is fine. Two accounts is a disaster. With PhantomBuster, scaling is impossible. You have to multiply the so-called "slots", juggle with each other's limitations, and hire a full-time Growth expert.

With lobstr, create a squid. Press literally 1 button. And that's it. 2 to 10 bots are launched on our servers, each collecting data simultaneously.

Stop with the penny pinching automation. Scale massively. Effortlessly.

Pay fair

60 dollars for 20 hours a month? That's stealing and people are laughing at you.

Our first plan starts at 20 EUR, with 30 hours per month. And for the greedy, go up to 150 EUR per month, with 300h per month. And even more.

Simply 70% cheaper. For a substantially better service. Respect your money.