Outscraper alternative?

Outscraper isn't pretty, and frankly it's overpriced. Stop overpaying for standard results. It's just not worth it.

1000 leads benefit
Live console
Pretty ux
Multi threading
Easy pricing
Built-in proxy management
Googlesheet export


Slash costs

1000 Google Maps leads, for 2 USD, is this a joke?

With lobstr, enjoy an ultra generous free plan of 15 minutes of collection per day.

But above all: pay 2x less for your leads. It's not complicated: 2x cheaper.

Use a good product

With Outscraper, you know when it starts, but do you really know when it ends? Scraping speed, ETA, status of the current run: it's all a bit guesswork.

With lobstr, you can stay informed in real time.
And the product is beautiful, simply beautiful.

Go fast

Want to scrape 100K Google Maps leads? All the doctors in the US? With Outscraper, it'll take you the whole year.

Multi-treading, automated management of proxy rotations: lobstr takes care of everything.

Don't waste a year for nothing. Do it in 2 weeks.