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CustomChoose your websites, choose your datapoint, choose your perfectly matching delivery policy. We build the automation you need, you own exclusive machine and exclusive datasets.
ScalableCollect data with hundreds of concurrent bots and scale-up with our multi-threading embedded future.
CarefulWe do provide dedicated, extensive, uninterrupted attention to our customer success. We provide cool bots and strong human care.

We can collect (almost) anything

We use proven and robust technologies - Java, Python, rotating IP, Selenium, Scrapy. We are committed to setting and meeting new technical challenges every day. We can collect data from JavaScript/Ajax sites, CAPTCHA, IP blacklisting etc. Our tools are both robust and efficient.


Get relevant and useful leads for your business by using targeted scraping techniques. Enrich your data with emails, phone numbers and social media profiles for your marketing campaigns.

Awards, competitors & reviews

Get prices, categories, inventory, reviews of your eCommerce store or your competitor's store - Amazon, eBay, Shopify. Drive the supply chain and gain market share.

Finance & marketplace

We'll help you dig through the financial news, and provide you with market trends and industry topics so you can invest quickly and effectively (Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, TradingView)

News & web content

Collect and synthesize all the past or present data about a subject treated by blogs and news media, at more than 3000 pages per second. Google News, Twitter, BBC.

Social media

Collect all data from social media. Collect all data by keyword, by hashtag, by username. Measure the reach and effectiveness of your campaigns: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Hotel, tourism & airlines

Collect data from travel sites (Trivago, Skyscanner, Booking). Extract reviews, room prices or availability, and airfare. The data is fresh, and distributed regularly.

Real estate & housing

Scrape real estate ads, studios, apartments, houses, brokers, real estate agencies: Zillow, Airbnb, Leboncoin. Keep an eye on new ads by setting up an email alert.

Recruitment & human capital

Find the best candidates for your company, and learn about the profiles hired by your competitors (Linkedin, Xing, GitHub). Job aggregations, or board composition - all this can be scrapped, fast.

All industries worldwide

Lead- generation

Awards, competitors & reviews

Finance & marketplace

News & web content

Social media

Hotel, tourism & airlines

Real estate & housing

Recruitment & human capital

Why lobstr Custom Solutions

Collect data at massive scale, with no development cost, no infrastructure setup, no script maintenance. Focus on your core business, we provide you the data you need.

Legal ownership

The scripts we make available to you are entirely your own. Consult them at your convenience, or deploy them on your own infrastructure.You fully own the tool we develop for you.

Entreprise-level slas

Our SLAs guarantee you a standardized delivery time, compliant data format, comprehensive data, and standardized turnaround times in case of errors.Rely on solid entreprise-level commitment.

World-class bot-mitigation expertise

Datadome, Akamai, Cloudflare: our technical expertise allows us to bypass all the usual and advanced bot-mitigation strategies. Never get blocked.

Scalable infrastructure

Manage the number of robots deployed with a powerful distributed infrastructure. In 1 click, deploy 1000 robots from your personal space. And go back to 10 the next day just as easily. No effort, no additional cost, maximum scalability.

Live monitoring

Thanks to our pretty UX, precisely follow the evolution of your collection robots. Number of results collected, run time, collection status: always stay gracefully informed.

API access

With our API access, retrieve high-intensity data without delay. Take advantage of our automated export formats - SFTP, s3, webhook - to retrieve data immediately. Specifically designed for large professional use.

Complete privacy

Sign an NDA as soon as we start talking, and guarantee a strict confidentiality between us. We provide you with an anonymous extraction tool: the extracted data belong only to you.

Errors management

Automatic email notification, priority exchange channel, 2 working days contractual resolution time. We make sure that we communicate errors extensively and resolve them as quickly as possible. And we are contractually committed to this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support websites in different languages?

Yes, we collect data from all languages, worldwide.

Do you scrape data accessible from mobile?

Yes, we collect data from all devices — website, mobile, add-on, etc.

Do you bypass CAPTCHAS?

Yes, we solve all CAPTCHAs. Either using in-house proprietary solutions or third-party services.

Do you bypass datadome?

Yes, we bypass datadome at scale.

We also bypass other bot-mitigation technologies including akamai and cloudflare. We use proprietary advanced stealth technologies.

How much does it cost?

  • 1000-2000 EUR to develop per custom squid.
    • 250 EUR per month mini.
    • Yearly plan only.

Do I own intellectual property rights?

Yes, the code we develop is your property.

How does the typical process look like?

Once we received your needs we send you back:

  • 1-line CSV sample
  • 1 quote

    Once validated we start development. Development takes 5-10 delivery days

Is web scraping legal?

Yes, web scraping is legal, but not under any conditions.

In Europe, the information collected must only represent a non-substantial part of the information of the target site, personal data must be deleted on a regular basis, and the data must be publicly accessible only. You can explore our blog posts for extended information on this topic, while we can staff our legal specialists, if a particular concern is raised.