Google Maps Search URLs generator

Generate Google Maps URLs for keywords & country locations, bypass the 500 listings limit, and collect extensive datasets.

Convert a keyword and a country location into a set of Google Maps localized Search URLsNo URLs building pain, massive dataset gains.
Choose keyword
Choose keywordPick the keyword you want to explore on Google Maps in the corresponding field
Choose country
Choose countrySpecify in which country you want to perform the search
Auto-generateGenerate automatically a set of several localized Google Maps Search URLs with 1 URL per 1 department

Generate automatically a set of several localized Leboncoin Search URLs

Google Maps is a fantastic space: it lists more than 1 billion places, all over the world and in all languages.

However, to collect the data with lobstr, you need to provide 1 search URL. Each search URL is linked to a specific latitude/longitude point, and only returns results from the 500 closest establishments.

How do I collect all establishments in a given category for an entire country?

With our Google Maps search URL generator, generate in 2 clicks, for a given keyword, as many URLs as there are departments in a country.

Bypass the display limits. Collect massive data.

3 steps
Add your keyword
Add the keyword you want to scrape data from on Google Maps e.g. McDonald's
Choose your country
Choose the country from which you want to extract data on google maps e.g. USA
Auto-generate localized URLs
Press the "split" button. This will generate a list of URLs located by department, with 1 URL per 1 department of the country selected.