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Sales Navigator Leads Scraper

The most powerful LinkedIn Sales Navigator Scraper: extract and enrich LinkedIn Sales Navigator Leads search results at scale for free.

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Scrape all Leads data from any Sales Navigator Search URL and enrich with valid work emails.

It will match your data scraping needs if you need to:

  1. build a GDPR-compliant list of business leads
  2. hunt for candidates that match your job offer
  3. perform a top-down market research

Each LinkedIn Sales Navigator lead is extracted more than 25 data attributes, including full name, position, skills... Use all side-attributes to target the prospects you need.

Data Attributes
Full nameLocationStarted_onOrganizations
PositionTenure at positionCompany IDPhone number
Company nameTenure at companyOther positionsSkills
Sales Nav URLProfile Picture URLIndustryPublications
Flagship URLIs_JobseekerPerson IDWebsites
CertificationsEmailEmail typeAwards
Email bounce rateEducationLanguages

Scrap up to 100 profiles per minute. Go fast.

Enrich automatically the profiles with work emails and phones. Find 35-65% of work emails, with 99% of mails found valid and verified. Email enrichment relies on a trusted top-tier third-party provider: dropcontact.

Scrape profiles from any position or any industry all around the world. All Sales Navigator Search URLs are accepted, with all the filters the platform let you play with: seniority, industry, company size...

Easily synchronize your LinkedIn Sales Navigator account with a simple one-click add-on. This seamless process ensures your private credentials remain secure and unshared.

10x your scraping speed with multi-tasking. Scrape your Sales Navigator Leads with up to 20 accounts simultaneously.

Never get blocked. Once you have scraped 250 profiles with 1 account, the data collection is paused. No mental burden: we'll make sure everything goes well for you.

Once complete, export automatically the data: GoogleSheet, s3 bucket, email.

Launch your scraper on a recurring basis. With our schedule feature, set your frequency of collection once. Scraping starts when when programmed to. For instance, every weekday at 8AM.

All hours on the app are GMT+0 i.e. if you schedule at 8AM, the Sales Navigator scraping will start at 10AM Paris Time.

All automations do happen are cloud-based. You can close your computer peacefully. All LinkedIn Sales Navigator operations happen on our servers.

Use our advanced settings to customise the scrap. Stop collection once you did reach a certain number of profiles or a certain page. Collect exactly what you need.

Once the collection is complete, receive a success notification in your mailbox. Good news is speaking loud and clear!