Apify alternative?

Apify is complicated, really complicated. We offer intuitive interface, and obvious scaling opportunities. All of this for 5x less. Stop complicating your life, it's really not worth it.

Easy pricing
Built-in proxy management
Account synchronization
Account limtations management
Multi threading


Keep it easy

Proxies, builds, RAM: let's face it, Apify works well, but nobody understands it.

How did engineers who came through the Y combinator turn something so impulsive - scraping data from the Internet - into a gas factory?

With lobstr keep it simple. Captcha, proxy, storage: we take care of everything. We take care of everything.

Scale up

All those complicated terms, that cockpit-like launch area Apify should make scaling easy.

Well... no.

With lobstr, deploy up to 20 scrapers simultaneously at the touch of 2 buttons. Collect large-scale data seamlessly. Easy to play, easy to master.

Get logged in

Retrieve a user's Tweets, or send a message to LinkedIn? That's all well and good, but the scraper needs to connect to your social network account first.

And Apify simply doesn't offer this. With lobstr, no more impassable login walls (cc @elonmusk). Synchronize your accounts in 2 clicks easy.