Stand Out: +5 LinkedIn URL Examples for 2024

Sasha Bouloudnine
April 3, 2024
8 min read

LinkedIn is a massive professional platform, with over 1 billion (!) members in 200 countries.

But how to stand out in this ocean of professional conformity?

Two words: LinkedIn URL.

In this article, we will see how to customize your LinkedIn URL, to stand out from the crowd. And maximize your professional online presence.

With 5 examples of powerful and unusual URLs.

What is the LinkedIn URL?

The LinkedIn URL is the unique web address of your LinkedIn profile.

This public address is generated automatically when creating the profile. It uniquely identifies you and provides public access to your online profile.

The structure is always the same:

  1. A fixed part
  2. A customizable part

linkedin url structure - image20.png

How is the editable part composed?

The editable part is always generated the same way:

  1. Your first and last name separated by hyphens — sasha-bouloudnine
  2. A random string — 51908286

Which gives:

But where can you find your LinkedIn profile URL?

Where to find this LinkedIn URL?

It is possible to find this address on all devices:

  1. Desktop
  2. Mobile App


On a desktop computer, go to the homepage of LinkedIn.

Click on your head.

on desktop on linkedin home page click on your head - image6.png

From there, the address appears in 2 places:

  1. To the right
  2. In your browser's search bar

your linkedin url  visible at two places on desktop - image15.png

Mobile App

On mobile, download the application: here for iPhone and here for Android.

  1. Click on your profile picture again
  2. Click on View profile

how to find your linkedin url on linkedin mobile app final steps - image19.png

And once on your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Click on the icon with the three dots …
  2. Click Share via…
  3. Click Copy

how to share your linkedin url from linkedin mobile app first steps - image10.png

That's it, you have your URL in your hands! You can share it with anyone you want.

OK the URL is found.

How to modify it?

How to change LinkedIn URL on desktop & mobile?

It is not possible to change your LinkedIn URL from your mobile phone.

On desktop, once on your profile, click on the pencil icon.

click on the blue top right pencil icon to update your linkedin url - image7.png

You are then redirected to a second page where you can update your URL.

Click on the top right blue pencil again, smaller this time.

click on the top righ pencil icon to update your linkedin url - image14.png

Edit your URL, and click Save.

customize your linkedin url - image22.png

And there you go!

Please note, you can only change your URL5 times every 6 months. Be careful not to overuse customization. Choose wisely.

But why change your LinkedIn URL. Is the game really worth it?

Change your LinkedIn URL to stand out from the crowd

Changing your URL simply allows you to stand out, and this in three different ways.

  1. Elegance
  2. Unique identity
  3. SEO ranking

Elegance of LinkedIn URL

First of all, modifying your URL allows you to show yourself in a more beautiful and elegant light. It reinforces the aesthetic character of your LinkedIn profile page.

For example: remove the incomprehensible character string at the end of the link.

linkedin url before after removing chain of random characters - image21.png



The second LinkedIn link is simpler, more understandable, shorter.

In a word, elegant. It allows you to maximize the impact of your LinkedIn account, and make it memorable.

Unique identity

Does it really make you stand out from the crowd? If everyone does it, is there still any point?

We relied for you on a large source of data from 346771 LinkedIn profiles.

Do you also want to quickly scrape LinkedIn profiles and obtain their professional emails? Try our Sales Navigator Leads Scraper. 300+ free profiles. No credit card required.

And this is what comes out:

  1. 78% of profiles have default LinkedIn profile links
  2. 22% have modified URL profiles

percentage of default linked urls - image1.png

It's the usual 80-20 rule that we find. An ocean of professional conformity, a small island of striking individualities.

Stand out from the crowd.

SEO ranking

Finally beyond the identity aspect, the addition of keywords in your LinkedIn profile URL helps you stand out in search engines.

On Google, if you are looking for a profile associated with a profession, the profile with the keyword in the URL will come up first.

linkedin url boost seo ranking - image18.png

Well done Cheryl.

5+ outstanding LinkedIn URL examples

We will now see 5+ best LinkedIn URL examples that, for me, stand out from the others.

Let's go.

  1. The elegance of power
  2. The sales guru
  3. The company man
  4. The expert
  5. The one-word cool kiddo
  6. The smart one
  7. The Nobody [Bonus]
  8. The Back to the past [Bonus]

1. The elegance of power

The first is elegance of power: the LinkedIn URL of woman or man of power, with a certain cachet.

This is notably the custom LinkedIn URL style of:

  1. Bill Gates, owner of Microsoft
  2. Larry Fink, CEO de Blackrock
  3. Emmanuel Macron, president of the French nation 🇫🇷

the elegance of power linkedin url example - image11.png

We always find the same formula: the first and last name, without a hyphen. And in North America, if your first name is a diminutive, your real first name. Here Laurence.


2. The sales guru

Second, the sales guru.

Here is Guillaume Moubeche, the creator of lemlist. The world's first SaaS cold outreach solution generates 20 million ARR in 2023, after 5 years of creation.

the sales guru linkedin url example - image17.png

Guillaume here promotes the movement of which he is the spokesperson: profit led growth.

profil led growth home page screenshot - image24.png

This movement defends the creation of value through the creation of profit, without the intermediary of VC, accused of pushing towards harmful hypergrowth.

He also had refused a fundraising of 30 million euros in 2021.

He says it loud and clear.

3. The company man

Our third boy, the company man.

JB Jezequel is the founder o fEvaboot. This is a successful SaaS solution that allows you to automatically export your contacts from Sales Navigator to a CSV file.

He put his company name in his URL.

He promotes his professional career and his high growth business.

the company man linkedin url example - image16.png

4. The expert

Fourth choice, the expert.

You need a salesperson? This is the woman you need. She is ultra competent in her field and makes it clear to you..

the expert linkedin url example - image8.png

5. The one-word cool kiddo

The one-word kiddo has a talent: surprise you and leave you with a fixed idea in mind.

It will make your career a juicy success. Funny and strong, it leaves a definitely memorable souvenir.

the one word cool kiddo linkedin url example - image13.png


6. The smart one

Little blockchain genius, the smart one is using a quick and short nickname.

It breaks the codes of professional formalism of the large Microsoft network, and takes up those of the Internet of forums.


the smart one linkedin url example - image5.png

7. The nobody [Bonus]

The nobody writes a 2000+ word article on the benefits of changing your LinkedIn URL.

But as far as he is concerned, we will come back later. The default URL is always displayed, with two hyphens and a long, incomprehensible string of characters.

Do as I say, not as I do.

the nobody linkedin url example - image2.png

8. The back to the past [Bonus]

The back to the past changed its URL.

But it was a long time ago. How time flies.

the back to the past linkedin url example - image12.png

A nice set of exceptional (or not) examples that will allow you to stand out from the crowd, and promote your skills, your projects, your unique professional identity.

But how to share this personal LinkedIn URL?

3 ideas for sharing your LinkedIn URL

Three ideas to share your LinkedIn URL and maximize your profile visibility:

  1. In your email signature
  2. On your CV/resume
  3. On social media platforms

In your email signature

On average, according to mailbutler, an office worker sends on average 33 emails every day.

average emails sent per day office worker mailbutler - image23.png

That’s 30,000 emails sent each year.

Simply add your new LinkedIn URL to your email signature. Communicate massively to this privileged audience.

add your linkedin url in your mail signature - image4.png

On your CV/resume

Are you a job seeker, preparing your CV to apply for the job of your choice?

Add your LinkedIn URL to the top of the page. If it's a PDF, add a hyperlink. You allow the recruiter to access your online professional profile in one click.

Ease your job search.

add your linkedin url in your cv or resume - image9.png

If you don't know who to turn to for a solid CV, look at 100+ templates, and the first resume is free, very nice.

On social networks

Do you have other social networks?

Add your LinkedIn URL in your bio. Transform a captive platform audience into tangible business opportunities.

add your linkedin url in your social media bio - image3.png

All roads lead to Rome.


And there you have it, the LinkedIn URL now has no secrets for you!

You know what you have to do to have a remarkable LinkedIn URL and craft a unique personal brand online.

What we understand well is stated clearly, And the words to say it come easily.


Sasha Bouloudnine

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