How to scrape Linkedin Sales Navigator in 3 Easy Steps (Free Edition)

Sasha Bouloudnine
December 1, 2023
7 min read

Some people say it is impossible to scrape LinkedIn Sales Navigator Leads. They say that it doesn't play nicely.

Reddit comment about impossibility to scrape LinkedIn Sales Navigator

It is definitely possible. We know it because we developed a free LinkedIn Sales Navigator Leads scraper. It is accessible just here.

In this article, we’ll see how to export a list of 10 LinkedIn Sales Navigator Leads in 3 minutes. And export all structured information into a CSV file. Reduce time spent on LinkedIn, remove copy-pasting errors, and massively boost your productivity.

1. Search Leads on Sales Navigator

First, we need to search for Leads on Sales Navigator. In this tutorial, we will search for all "AI Engineers", working at the hottest AI company: OpenAI. The 2023 sexiest job in the world.

Connect to your LinkedIn Sales Navigator account. Once on the home dashboard, click on Leads filters.

Sales Navigator dashboard with leads filters highlighted

It will lead you to a page where you will have access to all advanced LinkedIn Sales Navigator filters.

Now let’s use the advanced filters of LinkedIn Sales Navigator to:

  1. In the search bar type "ai engineer"
  2. In Location select "North America"
  3. In Function select "Engineering"
  4. In current Company, select of course "open ai"

Sales Navigator search results for AI Engineers working in Engineering at OpenAI

It’s a success, we get 48 results!

Now endly copy your browser URL:

Highlighted LinkedIn Sales Navigator Leads Search URL from the browser

It might look like something like that:

Keep it preciously, we’ll need it in the next steps.

2. Synchronize your account

With all the data collection is cloud-based. It means that your account scrapes data from our server, on the cloud. You can close your computer and relax, all is happening on our side.

You need thus first to synchronize your Sales Navigator account on our app. Once done we can launch a scraper on our server, connected to your Sales Navigator account.

This step does not involve any credentials sharing. Your privacy is fully guaranteed. If you want to remove access, clean your cookies or delete the account from the dashboard.

We assume you have already created a free account.

If it’s not done yet, you can do it here.

First, download the add-on here: add-on on Chrome store screenshot with highlighted button

Second, connect to your Sales Navigator account:

Login on Sales Navigator

Finally, access your dashboard, and click on "Accounts".

Once in the Accounts section, click on "New Account", and select "Add Sales Navigator account". Leave the synchronization running for 3-5 seconds, and it’s done!

Synchronize Sales Navigator account on

Your account is successfully synchronized with our application. We will use the cookies we just retrieved from Sales Navigator to launch a scraper on our server.

3. Launch your cloud-based scraping

Now step back to the "Squids" section, and click on the big red button, "Create a new Squid", just in the middle.

Once the search box opens, click on the suggested "Sales Navigator Leads Scraper". It will create a new automation.

Create a Sales Navigator Leads scraper squid on

At the "Account" section, simply click on the account check box we have just synchronized. Once done click on "Save".

Pick your account

At the "Add tasks" section, simply paste the Sales Navigator Search URL we have copied at the first step. Then, click on "Add task".

Add a task pasting the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Search URL

In the "Settings" area, for this tutorial, we will set the max results at 10. The scraper will only collect the 10 first results from the Leads Search.

Setting max results at 10

OK, we are all set!

Now simply click on "Save", "Save&Extract" and "Yes". It will open a browser on our cloud server. Then connect to your account. And automatically scrape the 10 first results of our Sales Nav Leads search.

Trigger the run and scrape leads automatically on LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Now click on the Download button, and you get access to an exhaustive file that looks like this:

Sales Navigator Profiles data scraped in CSV format

In 6 seconds (!) we did scrape:

  1. 10 profiles
  2. 25+ attributes per profile
  3. Free

With our Sales Navigator Leads Scraper, collect up to 100 results per minute. Go fast.



Can I get the work emails of my leads?

Yes, it’s fully possible.

You can either upload the CSV file on a third-party enrichment tool such as hunter or dropcontact.

Or you can use our embedded-in enrichment tool. Choose it directly at the "Settings" level. We automatically enrich the Sales Navigator Leads with valid work addresses.

How much does it cost?

The cost is the most competitive of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator scraping market.

It costs:

  1. 0 EUR (free!) with 50,000 profiles + 300 email credits
  2. 50 EUR per month with 500,000 profiles + 3000 email credits
  3. 250 EUR per month with 5,000,000 profiles + 15000 email credits
  4. 500 EUR per month with 10,000,000 profiles + 30000 email credits

All pricing details are accessible here.

My run paused. Why?

A ban of your Sales Navigator account would be a catastrophy.

To prevent it, we apply the following scraping limits:

  1. 100 profiles per minute
  2. 5,000 profiles per day

Each time the account does reach a limit, the run is paused and does restart after a break. These limits guarantee that you never get blocked. Ever.

With 1 Sales Navigator account, you can scrape up to 150,000 Sales Navigator profiles per month. Do you need to scrape more and faster? Synchronize more accounts and collect data by launching several scrapers simultaneously.

I cannot scrape more than 2500 profiles per Sales Nav Seach URL. What can I do?

Each LinkedIn Sales Navigator Search URL display max. 2500 results. It means you cannot scrape more than 2500 profiles per task.

If you want to collect more, split your search aka the slice bread technique.

For example, if you want to scrape all AI Engineers in the USA, retrieve the links of:

all AI Engineers in California all AI Engineers in Washington all AI Engineers in Wisconsin …

The LinkedIn Terms of Service are explicit: don’t scrape data on Linkedin. Forbidden.


Hower, the US courts did (re)affirm it on April 17, 2023: web scraping, specifically on LinkedIn, is legal.

On the one hand, LinkedIn forbids it. On the other hand, the court allows it. Who wins?

It’s simple, legally speaking, the court’s decisions overrides the Linkedin Terms of Service (ToS). In other words, even if explicitly mentioned, the ToS have no legal have no power or legal constraint.

Two icons representing that rule courts overwrites LinkedIn Terms of Use (ToU)

Scraping data publicly available on the Internet is thus strictly legal. Included from LinkedIn Sales Navigator, behind a paid login wall.

I don’t have Sales Navigator account. Is it possible to scrape data from LinkedIn instead of LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Yes it would be technically possible!

However, it is way more limited, as follows:

❄️ 1000 profiles per day on a new account 🔥️ 1500 profiles per day on a used account 💰 5000 profiles per day on a premium LinkedIn Sales Navigator account

In other words, scraping data with LinkedIn Sales Navigator accounts 5x your capabilities. That’s why at we do (for now) only focus on Sales Navigator automations for now.


Scraping leads from Sales Navigator can be much easier than many people realize!

In 3 simple steps and 30 seconds, launch a scraping on LinkedIn Sales Navigator. And scrape hundreds of Sales Navigator profiles on automated.

With 25+ data attributes per profile, ease your recruitment, your sales operations. And massively boost your productivity.

The last thing, this automation is free! With the free plan, you can scrape up to 50,000 profiles per month, including 300 email credits.

Do you need to scrape more?

Please, feel free to consider our higher plan here. Our system is built to go with your needs and enable LinkedIn Sales Navigator scraping at scale. At an extremely competitive price.


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