How to scrape Facebook pages without writing code [Email Included]

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June 16, 2023
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With a staggering 3 billion monthly active users and being the world's most active social media platform, Facebook dominates the online landscape like no other. Over 37% of the global population is connected through this platform. As the 3rd most visited website worldwide, Facebook is an unparalleled source of data and insights.

Facebook monthly active users

With over 80 million business pages on Facebook alone, the potential for extracting valuable information is immense. In this article, we will delve into the world of scraping Facebook pages effortlessly, without the need for writing a single line of code, using our powerful scraper – Facebook Page Details Export.

Why Scrape Facebook Pages?

Scraping Facebook pages opens up a world of opportunities for businesses and researchers alike. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider harnessing the power of our Facebook Pages scraper:

  1. Market Research: Extracting data from Facebook pages allows you to gain valuable insights into different industries, analyze trends, and identify market opportunities. Uncover information about competitors, target demographics, customer preferences, and industry benchmarks.
  2. Lead Generation: Our Facebook Pages scraper enables you to build targeted prospect lists by extracting contact information and key details from Facebook pages. Easily collect email addresses, phone numbers, website URLs, and other relevant data to enhance your lead generation efforts.
  3. Competitor Analysis: Stay one step ahead of your competitors by monitoring their presence, reviews, and offerings on Facebook. With our scraper, you can gather valuable competitor insights, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and devise strategies to outperform them in the market.
  4. Data Analysis: Scraping Facebook pages allows you to perform in-depth analysis and visualization of the extracted data. Dive into metrics such as page likes, post engagements, and audience demographics to uncover patterns, correlations, and actionable insights. Use this information to make informed decisions and optimize your social media strategies.

Best No-Code tool to scrape Facebook pages

We understand the frustration and time-consuming nature of manually copying and pasting details from Facebook pages. It can be a headache to navigate through numerous pages, copy each piece of information, and organize it manually. The process is prone to errors and can quickly become overwhelming.

Moreover, developing a Facebook scraper from scratch presents its own set of challenges. Coding a scraper that works smoothly, seamlessly, and accurately requires expertise, time, and ongoing maintenance to ensure it stays up to date with Facebook's ever-evolving platform.

Fortunately, there is a solution that eliminates these pain points and simplifies the entire process, saving you time, effort, and headaches. Facebook Page Details Export simplifies the process of scraping Facebook pages, eliminating the need for manual labor or coding expertise.

What is Facebook Page Details Export?

Facebook Page Details Export

Facebook Page Details Export is a powerful no-code scraper designed to streamline your data collection process. With its user-friendly interface, you can extract valuable information from Facebook pages without writing a single line of code. Plus, as a cloud-based tool, it offers the convenience of accessing and utilizing the scraper from anywhere, without the need for additional computing resources on your end.

With Facebook Page Details Export, you can effortlessly scrape any page using page URL with 18 data attributes. From basic information like the page name, description, and image URL to key details such as likes, followers, website, and even email addresses, our scraper leaves no valuable information behind.

Facebook page attributes to scrape

Not only that, but our tool is also designed for efficiency. With its fast scraping capability, it can extract up to 40 results per minute, saving you time and providing you with a wealth of data in no time.

Facebook Page Details Export offers convenient scheduling options, allowing you to automate your scraping tasks. Set your desired scraping time, whether it's daily, weekly, or monthly, and let our tool handle the rest. Stay focused on other important tasks while Facebook Page Details Export gathers the data you need. With real-time notifications, you can stay informed about the progress of your scraping sessions.

Facebook Page Details Export provides you with versatile data export options. You can easily download your scraped data in a CSV file format, making it convenient for offline access and analysis. Additionally, our tool allows you to export the data directly to Google Spreadsheets, Amazon S3, and SFTP for seamless integration into your preferred workflow.

For developers, we offer Developer-Ready API and Webhook access, allowing you to integrate the scraping results directly into your applications or systems. This enables you to automate processes and retrieve the scraped data programmatically, saving you time and effort.

How Much Does Facebook Page Details Export Cost?

We offer flexible pricing plans to suit your scraping needs. With our free forever plan, you can scrape up to 18,000 pages per month without any cost, giving you a great starting point to explore the capabilities of Facebook Page Details Export.

For more extensive scraping requirements, our premium plan allows you to scrape up to 216,000 pages per month for just 50 EUR. This translates to a low cost of only 0.23 EUR per 1000 pages, ensuring excellent value for your investment.

If you require even higher volume scraping, our business plan offers the ability to scrape up to 1.72 million pages per month for only 250 EUR. With a cost of just 0.14 EUR per 1000 pages, this plan provides maximum scalability and affordability.

Facebook Page Details Export Pricing Calculator

For a detailed price comparison, please visit our pricing page, or utilize the convenient pricing calculator embedded in the description pages of all our scrapers. Explore the pricing options and select the plan that best suits your scraping needs.

Step by Step Guide: Scrape Facebook page details from URL

Now let's explore the step-by-step process of extracting valuable information from Facebook pages using only the page URL. With the help of our user-friendly and no-code Facebook scraper, we can easily collect data in just 5 simple steps. So, without further ado, let's jump right into the process and start harnessing the power of data from Facebook pages.

Step 1 - Get the URL(s)

To scrape data from Facebook pages, you only need a Facebook page URL. Go to and enter your keyword in the search bar on top of your feed page. For this tutorial, I searched for Restaurants in New York. Now you’ll see different types of results like posts, groups, pages, etc. From the left sidebar, select pages. This will filter your search results.

Get Facebook Page URL

You can also use options like Shop, Location, Verified, Category to refine your search results. Now open the pages in the new tabs, copy the link from the address bar and paste it in your notepad or excel sheet. Once you have all the URLs you wanted to scrape, save your file as .tsv, .csv, or .txt. Remember, the first column must be URL.

Upload file format

Step 2 - Create a Squid

The next step is to sign in to your account and create a new Squid. Don't have an account yet? What are you waiting for? Creating a free account is quick and easy; all we need is your email address and a strong password. No credit card information is required. The only verification we require is email verification, so you'll only need to verify your email address.

Create FB Page details Export Squid

Once you’re in, create a new Squid right from your Dashboard. Click the “Create a new Squid” button and in the search bar, type “Facebook” and click Facebook Page Details Export from the list.

Step 3 - Add tasks

Upload URLs to Tasks

Now enter your Facebook page URL(s) that you want to scrape. You can manually add each URL or upload your URL file. Upload the file we saved in Step 1. Your tasks will be added automatically. Click save and proceed to the next step.

Step 4 - Settings

In settings, you can choose when to end the run. You have two options to consider. First, you can end your run once you've consumed your daily credits. This option is beneficial if you want to recollect the results from the same task every day.

Second, you can select the option to pause the run until the next day once you reach the daily limit of credits. This option is useful if you are short on credits but have a lot of tasks and want to collect the data all at once.

Basic and Advance Settings

In advance settings, you can choose concurrency, that is the number of bots per job. You can deploy multiple bots on a single job if you are on a premium or business plan. Using multiple bots can significantly increase the speed and efficiency of the scraping process, allowing you to retrieve data more quickly and handle larger volumes of information. You can also toggle Unique Results and No Line Breaks options to filter duplicate results and remove line breaks from text fields. After choosing your preferred settings, click save and move to notifications.

Enable real-time email notifications

You can receive real-time email notifications upon success of your scraping tasks or if the scraper encounters an error. You’ll receive notifications on your registered email. Now, let’s move to the final step!

Step 5 - Launch

Now it's time to launch your Facebook page scraper and start collecting data. You have two options: you can manually launch the scraper whenever you want or take advantage of our convenient schedule feature. With the schedule feature, you can set up your scraping tasks to run automatically at the time of your choice, whether it's daily, weekly, or monthly.

Scheduling runs in lobstr dashboard

For instance, let's say you prefer to scrape Facebook pages every Saturday and Sunday at 9 PM. Simply select your time zone and set up the schedule accordingly. Once set, the scraper will run automatically every Saturday and Sunday at 9 PM, ensuring you have the latest data without any manual effort.

Launching the facebook page crawler

Select your preferred launch option and click Save. This will take you to the launch console, where you can see the live scraping, results, and progress. But before that, if you want to export data to one of our various export options e.g. Spreadsheets or S3, you must configure it in the delivery panel first.


As we discussed earlier, the flexibility of our Facebook Page Details Export allows you to conveniently export your scraped results in various formats. You have the option to download the data as a CSV file, or effortlessly export it to popular platforms such as Google Spreadsheet, Amazon S3, or SFTP.

Delivery Settings

To configure your export preferences, simply click on the delivery button and choose the desired delivery method. Don't forget to tick the checkbox to ensure that all your data is accurately exported to the selected service.

Step 6 - Enjoy!

Facebook Page Details Export Run Results

That's it! We've successfully scraped Facebook page details. It was simple and quick. In this guide, we added 33 Facebook Page URLs to our scraper and collected valuable information. We gathered 18 data attributes such as name, description, likes, followers, ratings, price, and website from each of the 33 pages. But that's not all—we also managed to extract 16 emails from these pages. You know what’s the best part? all this data was collected in less than 45 seconds, saving us a lot of time and effort.


In conclusion, scraping Facebook pages for valuable data has never been easier with the power of Facebook Page Details Export. By leveraging our no-code, cloud-based scraper, you can effortlessly extract essential information from Facebook pages, enabling you to gain insights, conduct market research, and make data-driven decisions. With its user-friendly interface, schedule feature, and the ability to export data in various formats, this tool empowers you to unlock the full potential of Facebook's vast network.

To take the next step, we invite you to create a free account on and try out our Facebook Page Details Export for yourself. With a free account, you can experience the capabilities of our scraper and start scraping up to 18 attributes, including email, from Facebook pages. Don't miss out on the opportunity to harness the power of data. Sign up now and embark on your scraping journey with

Happy Scraping 🩞

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