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Facebook Pages Search Export

Scrape all Facebook Pages data from a Search URL and export it to googlesheet. #phone and @mail included!

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Scraping Facebook pages data manually is a nightmare. Sifting through pages one by one, copying information... no more!

Introducing Facebook Pages Search Export, your no-code and super fast Facebook Pages scraper.

Extract 12 key data points like followers count, address, website, and even contact information like phone and email — all automatically and just from a Facebook search URL.

Use cases

  1. Lead Generation: Build a list of local businesses leads with website, email, and phone
  2. Influencer Marketing: Build influencer database with contact, likes, and followers
  3. Market Research: Analyzing the pages of competitors or similar businesses

Key data attributes

Facebook Pages Search Export extracts 12 most vital data attributes from all Facebook pages.

Data Attributes
🌐 Page URL🔗 Map URL
🏷️ Page Name📄 Address
👤 Username📞 Phone Number
📋 Categories❤️ Likes count
📧 Email👥 Followers count
💻 Website📸 Instagram Handle

Cool features

The only input you provide is a search URL. Just paste any Facebook search URL, and our scraper will automatically extract all key data points from every page on that search.

Want to scrape specific Facebook pages within a certain category or location? No problem! Our Facebook page scraper accepts URLs with both location and category filters applied.

Facebook Page Search Filters

Simply refine your search on Facebook, copy the URL, and watch Facebook Pages Search Export extract data from only the most relevant pages.

Say goodbye to waiting for hours! With 10 results per minute, you won't be twiddling your thumbs – you'll have your data in hand in no time.

Need even faster extraction? Increase the concurrency i.e. number of bots and watch your results fly in at lightning speed.

Set concurrency

Forget about setup and maintenance. Our cloud-based Facebook scraper is always up and running, so you can start scraping instantly without any technical hassles.

Schedule your data collection to run automatically at set intervals. Whether you need daily, weekly, or custom updates, our scraper will keep your data fresh without you lifting a finger.

Schedule Facebook Page Scraper

Get notified the moment your scrape finishes, ensuring you're always in the loop. No more checking anxiously - your data is ready when you are.

Export your scraped data with ease, either to a shared Google Sheet for quick collaboration or to your own Amazon S3 bucket for private, secure storage.

You can also download the dataset as a csv file to access it in Excel or any other tool or export it to SFTP or webhook.

Take your data game to the next level! Our developer-friendly API lets you seamlessly integrate our scraper into your own applications.