Get Contact Number from LinkedIn & Sales Nav for Free [2024]

Sasha Bouloudnine
March 27, 2024
8 min read

You need pro phone numbers to make a call or send a text?

It's possible.

In this tutorial, we will see how to retrieve phone numbers from LinkedIn & Sales Navigator profiles, with 3 distinct methods:

  1. Manually
  2. With an add-on
  3. Bulk Export

Let's go.

Why retrieve phone numbers from LinkedIn & Sales Navigator?

But before we start — why extract phone numbers?

Telephone numbers help build two B2B sales prospecting strategies:

  1. Cold calling
  2. Cold texting


Cold calling

Cold calling is the act of calling so-called cold leads, which means potential clients you have your first interaction with.

And sell them a product or service.

Does it work?

According to LinkedIn themselves, on average 2% of cold calls end with a meeting.

cold calling success rate linkedin article - image17.png

It's not bad, but it's not that much either.

However, LinkedIn is judge and jury: their main source of income comes from Sales Navigator subscriptions, and the promotion of sending messages via the social media platform.

In other words, LinkedIn has an interest in discrediting cold calling.

On the contrary, according to Cognism, 27% of sales teams consider the telephone to be the best method to close meetings.

And Payfit, the French payroll management unicorn which generates more than 200 million euros in ARR each year, built its growth on cold calling.

payfit growth machine snapshot medium article cold callers - image26.png

A word to the wise.

But cold calling is an expensive outreach strategy.

According to Upwork, it is necessary to count $20/hour for a qualified cold caller.

price cold callers upwork - image25.png

And according to Lusha, we can count up to 52 calls per day and by cold caller.

Keeping the average conversion rate, and an 8-hour day, that gives us a conversion cost of $150.

Not nothing.

Is there anything more competitive?

Cold texting

The cold texting it’s sending SMS messages to prospects to close a deal or do a follow-up.

This has several advantages:

  1. 98% of texts are opened
  2. $0.10 per text
  3. Instant delivery

price per text sent twilio usa - image13.png

And does it work?

Yes, absolutely!

According to Sloovi, 1 in 3 people contacted respond. And among these, half make a purchase.

benefits of cold texting sloovi - image2.png

Which gives us a 15% final success rate.


The question frankly arises: this is nominative personal data.

And texting, like calling, tends to be quite intrusive.

So, is it legal?

Before considering sending messages, is it legal to simply retrieve and store this data?

Well yes entirely.

Phones retrieved from LinkedIn, from LinkedIn directly, or from a third-party service, come from public data sources.

And retrieving public data from the Internet is completely legal.

webscraping is legal techcrunch - image8.png

Now is it legal to contact people to offer them services?

Yes, under 3 conditions:

  1. B2B lead generation only
  2. Notification on record
  3. Record deletion on request

We contacted Kaspr customer success, a Chrome add-on that allows you to retrieve phone numbers from LinkedIn.

And we directly asked them frankly.

This is what they told us:

kaspr customer success screenshot gdpr compliant data - image23.png

All conditions are respected. It is therefore completely legal to use this service.

Supporting evidence.

3 Methods to Extract Phones from LinkedIn & Sales Nav

The 3 methods to Extract Phone numbers from LinkedIn & Sales Nav at a glance

MethodPhones/minuteFull accessPrice/100


From LinkedIn

To retrieve a phone number manually on LinkedIn, it's very simple:

  1. Go to the LinkedIn profile of the person concerned
  2. Click on Contact info

For example, with my profile, click on Contact info.

click on contact info linkedin profile page - image20.png

And you get my contact data information:

  1. Personal email address
  2. Mobile phone

contact information phone number linkedin profile page - image12.png

From Sales Navigator

On Sales Navigator, it's exactly the same thing.

Go to the profile page, in the personal information section, and retrieve my contact information.

Included my personal phone number.

contact information section sales navigator profile page - image3.png

However this data is only accessible with your 1st-degree connections. You absolutely have to be connected to someone to have access to this data.

This is what LinkedIn tells us.

linkedin phone numbers only for first level connections - image27.png

You cannot therefore rely on this unique technique to generate telephone leads.

Let's see how to access phone numbers of people you are not connected with.

With an add-on

3 main add-ons exist to collect phone numbers from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator:

  1. Lush
  2. Kaspr
  3. Datagma

And these add-ons still work the same way.

From LinkedIn

First of all, download the Lusha add-on.

Then, once on a LinkedIn profile, click on the new icon that has just appeared.

download lusha add on and click when on linkedin profile page - image15.png

Click on it to retrieve phone number.

get phone from linkedin profile lusha - image10.png

From Sales Navigator

On Sales Navigator same thing.

Go to the Sales Navigator profile of your choice and click on the popup.

click on lusha add on sales nav to get phone number - image6.png

Pick the phone number.


How Phone Discovery Chrome Extensions Work on LinkedIn & Sales Nav?

But where do these add-ons discover these phone numbers?

Well once again, we asked the question to customer service of Kaspr s/o Amanda 🥰

The answer is simple:

  1. 40+ sources
  2. Only public data

kaspr customer success screenshot origin of data - image21.png

What types of public sources? We were unable to find out more.

But this is absolutely not private data. Confirmed.

This technique is effective if you are looking for a few phones.

But it’s time-consuming.

You're going to need another technique if you're looking for hundreds or thousands of telephones.

This is what we will check in the next part.

Bulk Export

With the workflow that follows, you will be able to get phone numbers in bulk from a list of prospects.

In this example we are going to use Kaspr.

From LinkedIn

3 steps:

  1. Build a leads list from LinkedIn
  2. Export to CSV with PhantomBuster LinkedIn Search Export
  3. Enrich phones with Kaspr
1. Build a leads list from LinkedIn

First of all go on LinkedIn and build your leads list.

Use the search bar to add keywords, and search filters to specify your search.

Keep the search URL.

build a linkedin leads list with linkedin search feature - image28.png

2. Export to CSV with PhantomBuster LinkedIn Search Export

On PhantomBuster, visit the website and pick the LinkedIn Search Export phantom.

You will be able to export profiles from the previous search.

linkedin search export phantombuster product page - image14.png

Select this phantom and follow the suggested instructions.

A few minutes later, you will be able to find your leads, properly exported. Download them, before moving on to the next phase.

download results phantombuster app page - image7.png

3. Enrich phones with Kaspr

Now we’ll get all phone numbers in 1 click with Kaspr Bulk Enrichment.

  1. Go on Kaspr
  2. Click Bulk Enrichment
  3. Upload your file

bulk enrichment kaspr upload file - image19.png

Specify where the column containing the LinkedIn profile URLs is located, and choose Phone number enrichment option only.

We only want phone numbers.

bulk enrichment kaspr select parameters - image18.png

How much does it cost? Frome Kaspr pricing, the first paid plan is $60 for 100 phone numbers or $0.60 per phone number. Substantial price for qualitative data enrichment.

Wait a few seconds for the enrichment to take place…

Observed speed is about 100 phones per minute. Pretty fast! We don’t know faster method to be pretty honest.

Finally click on the download icon.

download data kaspr bulk enrichment app page - image22.png

And enjoy great LinkedIn data — with phone number associated with each profile.

bulk phone numbers enrichment kaspr results - image16.png

That's it.

However, with LinkedIn, you can only retrieve the first 1000 results of a search.

With Sales Navigator Leads Scraper of Lobstr, we will export up to 2500 search results, and then fetch the phone numbers in bulk.

Let's go.

From Sales Navigator

3 steps again:

  1. Build a leads list from Sales Navigator
  2. Export to CSV with Lobstr Sales Navigator Leads Scraper
  3. Enrich with Kaspr
1. Build a leads list from Sales Navigator

First of all, go to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and search for the leads you need.

search your leads on sales navigator with search tool - image4.png

2. Export to CSV with Lobstr Sales Navigator Leads Scraper

We will now export the results with the Sales Navigator Leads Scraper of Lobstr.

It is an automation tool that scrape export leads from a Sales Navigator search to an Excel file in seconds.

Go to the product page and click Start now.

lobstr sales navigator leads scraper - image1.png


  1. Click Add account
  2. Synchronize your LinkedIn account

Your account email will be displayed, with the mention synchronized.

sync account lobstr app page - image24.png


  1. Paste the Sales Navigator search URL
  2. Click on Add +

And there we go!

Your search URL has just been added successfully.

add task lobstr app page - image11.png

Want to add multiple URLs? It's possible! If you want to add lots of them at once, simply upload a file with the list of your URLs. Detailed instructions here.

Then press Save to complete the following steps, pre-filled by default.

And at the last step:

  1. Press Save & Extract
  2. Click Yes to start the collection

click on launch lobstr app page - image9.png

The collection has been successfully launched!

After 2 minutes, the collection is complete, and we have scraped 400 profiles.

Click on the button Download to download your CSV file with results.

download results lobstr io app page - image5.png

You need to find emails on top? Use the same scraper, free email finder included. Check our dedicated article here.

3. Enrich phones with Kaspr

Here the operation is the same.

Use the Bulk Enrichment tool of Kaspr, as shown previously.

bulk enrichment kaspr upload file - image19.png

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