+10 best LinkedIn Sales Navigator + Email Scrapers [2024]

Sasha Bouloudnine
March 21, 2024
20 min read

One billion users, in 200 countries: LinkedIn is an exceptional mine of information.

You want to retrieve quality B2B emails from Sales Navigator — but you don't know which tool to turn to?

sales navigator scraper google search results - image59.png

Speed, price per line, email quality, UX, data completeness : in this article, we will see which are the 10 best LinkedIn Sales Navigator Scraper + Email.

A complete and uncompromising overview.

What is a LinkedIn Sales Navigator Scraper?

Choosing the best LinkedIn scraper and the best LinkedIn scraping tools, okay.

But what is a LinkedIn Sales Navigator scraper?

A Sales Navigator scraping tool is a robot that will browse the targeted LinkedIn Sales Navigator pages, and retrieve the available information. Included B2B email addresses.

This is a tool that exports LinkedIn profiles to a clean Excel file.

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The 10 Best LinkedIn Sales Navigator Scrapers

  1. lobstr.io
  2. Evaboot
  3. Prospeo
  4. Findymail
  5. useArtemis
  6. Scrupp
  7. PhantomBuster
  8. LinkedHelper
  9. Apify
  10. Texau

Why export data from LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Recover data, yes, but to do what?

2 relevant use cases:

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Recruitment

Lead Generation

Lead creation outreach is the most widespread use case.

First, with a Sales Navigator Scraper, like the Sales Navigator Leads Scraper of lobstr.io, you will retrieve leads from a Sales Navigator Search URL, B2B emails included.

Then, with automated cold email sequence tools: send bulk emails.

lemlit dynamic variables message - image9.png

The best tool?

We no longer present it: lemlist.

lemlist home page - image44.png

This cold outreach tool, which according to SimilarWeb has more than 500k unique visits each month, allows you to:

  1. Build large-scale outreach campaigns
  2. Personalize your messages based on dynamic attributes
  3. Avoid spam
  4. (Re)check email addresses

50K+ users on the platform, a hyperactive community, $120M+ in user-generated revenue: a cold outreach must-have, widely used and with a large and active sales team fan base.

The email marketing tool of reference.


Do you want to recruit a developer but you don't know how to start your prospecting?

Go to LinkedIn, and do a search using the following criteria:

  1. Software developer
  3. 3-5 years of experience
  4. Beginner

sales navigator leads search results recruitment - image8.png

You will be able to recover names, positions, and B2B email addresses. From which you can launch your recruitment operation.

This is actually what we do internally, here at Lobstr.

lobstr example recruitment with sales nav leads scraper - image15.png

Shoemakers can also be the best shod.

Very controversial question, and much discussed.

Indeed, this is the first question that people ask on Google, associated with the keyword linkedin scraping in the USA.

is linkedin scraping legal google search results - image32.png

So behind the legislative anxieties, what is really going on?

Let's put it simply: LinkedIn doesn't like it.

In an article dedicated to this subject, aptly named Prohibited software and extensions | LinkedIn Help, the message is clear: it is clearly not recommended.

And if you do, you put yourself at risk of having your account banned.

linkedin terms of use scraping - image21.png

But what does the law say?

Well it is also very clear, and in total contradiction with LinkedIn's terms of use.

It is absolutely legal to collect public data, manually or automatically, in the United States.

It is in any case what the U.S. Ninth Circuit of Appeals reaffirmed on April 18, 2022, in the case between LinkedIn and HiQ Labs, a company that uses this data for statistical purposes.

techcrunch article web scraping is legal - image6.png

Please note, this is the case in the United States, but it may not be the case in the jurisdiction where you are located. Be sure to check the laws in force in your country.

And between the conditions of use of a private platform and American justice, it is of course the latter which wins.

No risk here.

Which data is scraped from LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Of course, the data structure depends on the choices made by the company that produced the LinkedIn scraper.

But as a general rule, a LinkedIn Sales Navigator Scraper will retrieve:

  1. LinkedIn profile page data
  2. LinkedIn company page data
  3. B2B email address

LinkedIn Sales Navigator profile page

Here, we will retrieve all the data related to a LinkedIn profile

  1. Full name
  2. Current company
  3. Current job
  4. Current location
  5. Number of connections

sales navigator profile page data fields - image58.png

LinkedIn Sales Navigator company page

In addition, on the company page, the scraper will retrieve:

  1. Company name
  2. Domain name
  3. Logo
  4. Website
  5. Company size
  6. Industry
  7. Date of creation
  8. Revenues

sales navigator company page data fields - image17.png

B2B email address

Finally, armed with 3 main pieces of information, the scraper will fetch the valid B2B email address.

The main third-party services are

  1. Hunter.io
  2. Snov.io
  3. Dropcontact.com

How does it work?

The enrichment tool will simply test all possible combinations and return the valid one.

Here are a set of possible combinations:

f.last@domain first@domain first.last@domain

For example, with lobstr.io:

s.bouloudnine@lobstr.io sasha@lobstr.io sasha.bouloudnine@lobstr.io

Only one address is valid, the last one. This is the one that is returned.

mail enrichment service illustrated strategy - image20.png

Shuffle and sort out. It’s done.

Why not use LinkedIn instead of Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium version of LinkedIn: you have to pay $80 per month to use it.

While LinkedIn is free.

It's not cheap.

linkedin sales navigator price - image46.png

Why use LinkedIn rather than LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

This is simply a matter of navigation limits.

With LinkedIn it's free, but you will collect a few profiles per day.

To go into details per day:

❄️ Max 100 pages/1000 results with LinkedIn 💰 Max 200 pages/5000 results with Sales Navigator

5x more efficient. Worth it.

How will we test LinkedIn Sales Navigator Scrapers?

We are judge and party: in fact, we are writing this article, and at the same time, we have developed a powerful LinkedIn Sales Navigator Scraper.

How will we ensure our test is as relevant as possible, despite obvious conflicting interests?

Fantastic Four Criteria

We will rely on 4 criteria, mainly neutral and quantitative: the fantastic 4.

  1. Ease of use
  2. Speed
  3. Price
  4. Data quality

fantastic four criteria to select best sales nav scraper - image16.png

Ease of use

Is it easy to launch the scraper and recover the data? Is the interface well constructed and communicative?

Everything related to UX.


How quickly is data retrieved?

Here, it is a simple quantitative criterion: Number of results/minute.


What is the cost of a profile with its email?

Here too, a simple quantitative criterion: The price in dollars per 1000 results.

For ease of calculation and homogeneity: we take the cheapest paid plan, and we project the cost over 1000 leads pro rata. Disadvantage of high entry prices.

Data quality

Finally, we will focus on the quality of the data:

  1. How much data was recovered
  2. How many emails for 100 results
  3. Are the emails (really) valid

One scrap for all

In order for the test to be as standardized as possible, we are going to launch our scrapers on one and unique LinkedIn search results target.

But which?

Artificial intelligence has, since the release of ChatGPT by OpenAI on November 30, 2022, in everyone's minds.

artificial intelligence trends five past years - image29.png

We will therefore recover all the directors in Engineering who work in these 3 companies main:

  1. OpenAI, the pioneer with ChatGPT
  2. Anthropic, the challenger with Claude
  3. Mistral AI, open source with Mixtral

The Sales Navigator search URL is this:


With a total of 104 distinct results.

sales navigator leads search results ai test - image12.png

Top 10 LinkedIn Sales Navigator + Email Scrapers

ToolBest for$/1000 leadsFree leadsEmails %Leads/minute
EvabootNo-tech people small need$150100745
ProspeoGrowth small need$39758930
FindymailSales small need$49106530
useArtemisEmail + campaigns 1-stop shop$10002020
ScruppCheap data with email$1510130
PhantomBusterMany LinkedIn no-code scrapers$14050415
LinkedHelperShady fiddlers$25140010020
ApifyDevelopers no emailnull000
TexAuCheap data no emailnull60000


lobstr.io, created in 2019 in France, offers a range of 20+ no-code scrapers, with a particularly clean interface, and powerful advanced features.

Their LinkedIn Sales Navigator Scraper is the Sales Navigator Leads Scraper | Lobstr.

lobstr io linkedin sales navigator leads scraper product page - image51.png

Particularly notable facts: the quality of the UX, fluid and highly communicative.

Once the scraper is launched, the interface takes you by the hand and tells you in real time what the collection is like: number of profiles, emails, speed. We feel considered.

sales nav leads scraper lobstr io app page - image2.png

Furthermore, the price is good, with the most generous free plan in the industry, and the most competitive price per 1000 leads for cloud-scraper.

  1. 300 emails/month for free
  2. $15/1000 leads

And particularly exhaustive, with 79/100 emails.

lobstr io pricing page monthly email credits - image52.png

Finally, there are advanced features which ensure robust, high-intensity data collection.

With the multi-threading, it’s up to 10 competing accounts scraping together.

lobstr io sales navigator leads scraper multi accounts app page - image57.png

While GoogleSheet or Amazon s3 auto-export allows systematic backup of data.


Last but not least, the scraper is delivering results fast: 15 profiles/minute. Solid speed.

Good for

Growth & Sales who need a continuous solid stream of B2B leads from Sales Navigator, with careful UX (but need to be patient).


  1. No-code scraper
  2. Email enrichment
  3. Email verification
  4. 1-click LinkedIn account synchronization
  5. CSV files data export
  6. Auto-export (GoogleSheet, s3)
  7. Multi-threading
  8. Scheduled launch
  9. Live UX


  1. UX ultra-communicative
  2. Very competitive price
  3. Generous free plan
  4. Large-scale friendly advanced features
  5. Fast collection


  1. Split credit day by day
  2. No 1-click add-on launch


$15/1000 leads

lobstr pricing page - image41.png


Evaboot is a French company (cocorico again!) that offers a unique tool: a powerful LinkedIn Sales Navigator Scraper.

No custom data export, no schedule, no obscure features.

We're here to extract leads from Sales Navigator, and that's it.

evaboot sales navigator scraper home page - image5.png

Unlike lobstr.io, Evaboot launches from LinkedIn Sales Navigator, directly from a search page, with the press of a button.

No settings, no page number, no URL. One click and that's it.

It is simple, intuitive and standardized.

evaboot add on click sales nav scraper - image43.png

Furthermore, the tool offers interesting post-processing elements:

  1. Cleaning up names (emojis, special characters)
  2. Filters matching verification
  3. Multiple levels of email verification

So many elements that make you feel like you are using a solid tool, on which you can rely on over the long term.

evaboot csv results screenshot - image54.png

Attention, the first plan is absolutely expensive when pro rata adjusted: $150/1000 leads.

And the speed of the tool is unreliable: sometimes 20 profiles/minute, sometimes 2 profiles/minute. We don't really know which foot to dance on.

Endly, it may happen that the tool does not work.

export failed evaboot - image22.png

However, the customer service is friendly and responsive, and you are immediately refunded: very pleasant.

Good for

No tech-friendly people that need to generate leads with no headache.


  1. 1-click LinkedIn Sales Navigator Leads scraper
  2. Email enrichment
  3. Email verification
  4. Data cleaning
  5. Filters matching crosscheck


  1. Step-by-step careful UX
  2. Intuitive use
  3. Good customer service
  4. Many plans for all needs
  5. Large knowledge base
  6. Good post-treatment features


  1. Slowish
  2. One of the most expensive starter plan
  3. Sometimes not working


$150/1000 leads​​

evaboot pricing page - image36.png


Prospeo is a Canadian company, very young since it was created in 2023, which offers an email enrichment service, and a no-code web scraping tool from LinkedIn and Sales Nav.

Their LinkedIn Sales Navigator scraper is the Sales Navigator Export.

prospeo export sales navigator product page - image4.png

The tool is interesting. It launches a collection on the cloud, but triggers in 1 click with an add-on.

Go to a LinkedIn Sales Navigator search page, click: there you go.

export with prospeo add on illustration - image7.png

The tool has undeniable advantages: it is fast, with 20-30 profiles per minute, and generous, with 89 emails out of 100 profiles.

Beside, the dataset is exhaustive with 45+ attributes including: job title, full name, professional email address.

And company pages information: company name, company address, industry, headcount size, headquarters address…

Cherry on the cake: the interface is pretty nice.


prospeo sales nav scraper results app page - image35.png

Be careful, the UX is not always very clear: OK the scraping is started, what next?

Furthermore, if you want to scrape 10,000 or 20,000 profiles, you have to click on the add-on around ten times. Semi-automatic, and therefore limited in certain aspects.

Good for

Growth who want 500-1000 pro leads fast.


  1. Email enrichment
  2. Email verification
  3. 1-click chrome-extension-based collection


  1. Fast
  2. Exhaustive
  3. Competitive price
  4. Pretty interface


  1. Introvert UX once launched
  2. Small free plan
  3. Not easily scalable


$39/1000 leads

prospeo pricing page - image27.png


Findymail is a French company (again!) created in 2022, by an indie hacker, that is to say an independent developer.

Indie hacking, or the development of a company centered around a developer, like an artist, has exploded since 2018. If you are interested, this Twitter account is the reference: @levelsio.

The tool offers a tool to scrape LinkedIn profiles and Sales Nav profiles — included email enrichment.

And an automatic export to cold mailing tools: lemlist, smartlead…

With the main audience being outbound sales.

This is what we find on the page of Findymail Sales Navigator Scraper.

findymail sales navigator scraper product page - image19.png

Like Prospeo and Evaboot, the collection is done directly from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Click on an add-on, and that's it.

Be careful, however, here: the add-on takes control of your browser and wanders around.

You have to keep your tab Chrome open.

Impossible to start a collection and turn off your computer to go about your business. In other words, the tool is aimed at small episodic needs: 100-200 leads.

findymail sales nav scraper illustration - image47.png

The tool is rather fast, with here also ~30 leads per minute.

The enrichment is rather solid, with 65 emails on 104 profiles.

And the price competitive with $49/1000 leads, rather in the lower bracket.

findymail app results page - image11.png

On the application side, it sometimes feels a little cheap : poorly finished front, missing some key features like the list of last successful runs.

Emojis, informal wording, raw Twitter social proof: communication is ultra energetic, aggressive. We love it.

Good for

Salespersons who want to build 100-200 leads list and export fast.


  1. 1-click add-on LinkedIn Sales Navigator export
  2. Email verifier
  3. Email enrichment
  4. API access
  5. Auto-export to cold mailing tools


  1. Fast
  2. Good email quality
  3. Built-in exports to sales CRMs
  4. 1-click add-on


  1. Cheap interface
  2. Need to keep tab opened during enrichment


$49/1000 leads

findymail pricing page - image60.png


useArtemis is a French company (definitely) created in 2022, which offers a tool for lead collection and automatic prospecting on LinkedIn and Sales Nav.

useartemis home page - image1.png

Like the previous ones, it is a chrome-extension-based Sales Navigator scraper:

  1. You click on the add-on
  2. You specify collection settings
  3. You enjoy yourself

Not very scalable, but particularly easy to launch.

useartemis sales nav scraper from sales nav add on - image31.png

The website is pretty, a bit in the style of Vercel, and the interface is fluid and responsive. Definitely user-friendly.

Moreover, the data is nicely presented. It's nice.

useartemis sales nav scraper leads results app page - image48.png

Be careful, however, there are quite a few inconveniences which spoil the party.

First of all, the free plan does not offer any email: impossible to test the tool in its entirety before purchasing.

Above all, data enrichment works poorly: enrichment is blocked at 20%, and only 20 emails out of 100 collected.

useartemis enrichment stuck at 20 percent - image13.png


Good for

Sales who need 1-stop-shop for leads + contact campaigns (but ready to raise bugs).


  1. 1-click add-on based scraper
  2. Email enrichment
  3. Email verification
  4. Bonus contact information (phone, social media)
  5. Automated LinkedIn-based sales workflows
  6. Included LinkedIn outreach & LinkedIn messages sender
  7. Waterfall enrichment


  1. Fast
  2. Pretty UX


  1. 0 email in free plan
  2. Enrichment not working good
  3. Quite expensive


$100/1000 leads

pricing useartemis - image10.png


Scrupp is a Ukrainian company created in 2022 which allows to extract leads from LinkedIn, Sales Navigator and Apollo, by clicking the add-on button.

scrupp home page - image23.png

The tool is easy to use, with a single clickable button.

Furthermore, data collection is particularly fast, with between 30 and 50 results collected per minute.

Above all, the product is one of the most accessible: you pay $15/1000 leads, on the foreground. It's almost 10x cheaper than Evaboot.

scrupp export add on click illustration - image14.png

Be careful though, at this price, you also pay for what you have.

Many minor and major inconveniences reduce the interest in such a competitive price.

The verification email lands in the Spam, we are asked to configure a webhook (?), the time displayed is that of Eastern Europe: the tool is cheap.

Above all, and this is the most regrettable, out of 100 leads, only 1 email.

Enrichment works poorly or does not work. Too bad.

email enrichment results scrupp - image34.png

Good for

People with a low budget but ready to deal with buggy but cost-competitive LinkedIn Sales Nav scraper.


  1. 1-click add-on LinkedIn Sales Nav Scraper
  2. Email enrichment
  3. Email verification
  4. CSV & Excel export
  5. Webhook
  6. Filter settings


  1. Cost-competitive
  2. Fast
  3. Exhaustive


  1. Cheap interface
  2. Enrichment not always working
  3. Complex setup
  4. Only 1 email during the test


$15/1000 leads

scrupp pricing page - image25.png


PhantomBuster is an old hand: the French company was created in 2016, and offers 100+ various no-code scrapers, mainly on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator.

Their LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Email scraper is the Sales Navigator Search to Emails Flow.

It is a workflow which combines 2 no-code scrapers:

  1. Sales Navigator Search URL to list of LinkedIn profiles
  2. Email Enrichment

Precisely what we are looking for.

phantombuster sales navigator search to email product page - image28.png

UX is extremely communicative: once the scraper is launched, you know where you are, and when it will end.

Moreover, the tool is quite fast. It does extract data at the speed of 15 results/minute.

Be careful, however, only 11 emails found out of 98 leads: it's not enough.

phantombuster sales nav scraper app page - image30.png

Above all, the tool is too expensive. The most expensive of the lot, for a result that is not necessarily satisfactory.

Good for

Guys who need a full range of diverse LinkedIn no-code scrapers & LinkedIn lead generation tools (post likers, community, AI-powered message senders).


  1. No-code LinkedIn & Sales Nav scraper
  2. Auto-cookie import
  3. Schedule
  4. Activity logs
  5. Live console
  6. Auto-export to HubSpot CRM


  1. Works well
  2. Fast
  3. Communicative UX
  4. Many side LinkedIn no-code scrapers


  1. Too expensive
  2. Not enough email addresses
  3. Too many tools that look alike


$140/1000 leads

phantombuster pricing page - image33.png


LinkedHelper 2 (yes, there was a first version somehow) is an American company, created in 2016, which offers a desktop application, to automate all your LinkedIn actions.

linkedhelper product page - image53.png

Let's be honest, the experience is really not pleasant.

First, you have to download (!!) a desktop application. Be careful to specify the nature of your Mac chip.

linkdhelper download desktop app mac os page - image40.png

And it's not a small, lightweight tool: more than 250MB of data to download.

linkedhelper large source file download - image24.png

Really not an easy tool to install.

Above all, the big black spot is the UX.

It's simple, you easily need to spend 20-30 minutes to understand how to launch data collection from Sales Navigator.

No information, nested structure, window that launches in a window already launched: we just want to collect data from LinkedIn, but the interface is literally adversary.

If you like to mess around with computers, that's good. Otherwise run away.

linkedhelper confusing app page - image42.png

So everything is dark?

Well no, that’s what gives a (kind of) charm to the tool.

If you agree to navigate in an absolutely obscure environment, and you agree to fight to obtain results, the tool remains interesting.

First of all, the price is fair, with 1500 leads offered, then $25/1000 leads. OKish.

Afterwards, the tool is fast: in 5 minutes, it scrapes data entirely.

Finally, the LinkedIn data is abundant but unreliable.

For example, we find Olivier Godement, Head of Product at OpenAI, with an address from BNP Paribas, or Stripe.

linkedhelper olivier godement shady contact information collected - image18.png

Personal email addresses, deprecated phone numbers: to conclude, it is certainly shady regarding legality.

Be sure to comply with current personal data protection laws before using it at scale.

Good for

Fiddlers able to deal with horrendous UX and shady but rich dataset.


  1. Desktop-based LinkedIn automation tool
  2. Built-in data enrichment service
  3. Built-in auto connection requests


  1. OKish price
  2. All automations in 1 app
  3. Fast


  1. Unusable due to horrendous UX
  2. Need to keep your computer on
  3. Need to dl desktop app
  4. Invalid email address
  5. Non-GPDR compliant


$25/1000 leads 

linkedhelper pricing page license - image55.png


Apify is our dean here! Created in 2015, the Czech company, which has gone through the prestigious Y Combinator offers tools for developers to develop and deploy their scrapers.

The latter can then sell their scraper on the Store from Apify. We find 1000+ no-code scrapers — of uneven quality.

44+ actors for the keyword “sales navigator”, and we take the most used, that of Curious Coder,

With 714 registered users, named:

Linkedin Sales Navigator Scraper by Apify & Curious Coder

apify linkedin sales navigator scraper product page - image38.png

As always at Apify, the interface is fluid, functional and communicative.

And in general, and this is the case here, the product works well. The main data scraping functionality is fast, comprehensive, and highly modular.

In other words, from data extraction pov: it’s solid.

apify sales nav scraper app page - image3.png

However, the interface is really too nerdy.

For example, no automatic account synchronization.

To use the tool you must:

  1. Download an obscure cookie sharing add-on
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Copy cookies
  4. Paste in JSON format

Really, it's too complicated.

apify sales nav scraper app page cookies nerd ux - image37.png

Above all, and this is what makes us place the tool so low in this ranking: there is no email enrichment service.

It’s a big L.

Good for

Developers with no need for emails.


  1. Cloud-based Sales Navigator data scraper
  2. Multi-input
  3. Schedule
  4. Auto-export


  1. Communicative UX
  2. Fast collection
  3. Reliable tool


  1. No email finder ❌


$39/0 lead + enigmatic “usage” fees

apify sales nav scraper rent price - image50.png


TexAu is an Indian company, created in 2020, which offers, like PhantomBuster and lobstr.io 100+ no-code data extractors.

Among which, Linkedin Sales Navigator Leads Search Result by TexAu.

texau sales nav scraper product page - image49.png

The interface is not very sexy and quite basic: we get lost quickly.

And there are references to technical elements, which does not make use any simpler.

texau sales navigator scraper app page - image39.png

Above all, if it is possible to collect the data quickly enough, it is impossible to get the emails.

In the data collected by the Sales Navigator Search Results scraper, we do not find the company's domain name.

And without that, no email enrichment possible.

missing domain to enrich texau sales nav scraper - image45.png

We were left hungry.

Good for

People only looking to collect data fast from Sales Navigator — but not interested by emails.


  1. No-code cloud-based scraper
  2. Email enrichment
  3. Cookies auto-import
  4. Schedule
  5. Runs history
  6. Automations chaining


  1. Data collection working good
  2. Fast
  3. Reliable


  1. Enrichment impossible
  2. Day-per-day credits split
  3. Confusing design & UX


$49/1000 leads

texau pricing page - image26.png

1516989175726.jpegSasha Bouloudnine

Co-founder @ lobstr.io since 2019. Genuine data avid and lowercase aesthetic observer. Ensure you get the hot data you need.