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Tweet, tweet. Effortlessly extract all Tweets from any user with our no-code export tool. 25+ attributes included!

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Furious, Elon decided on July 1st to hide the information behind a login. No doubt to limit access to Twitter data for artificial intelligence models, as the war rages. At the beginning of August, these limitations ceased. The squid is now fully functional — and does connect to your account before scraping tweets. Login wall fully bypassed. Limited to approximately 1000 last tweets.

Get ready to dive deep into the ocean of tweets with the capability to scrape last 1000 tweets from any user.

You'll gather an impressive array of 25+ attributes per tweet. This data encompasses everything from statistics like likes, quotes, and views, to the nitty-gritty of media information such as type, URL, and thumbnail. And it covers all types of tweets including normal, pinned, retweets, and quotes, along with meta information like title, description, and image. Need more? You can also retrieve the complete raw JSON provided by the target website, and parse the data as you wish.

Twitter User Tweets Scraper empowers you to plan your data collection sessions meticulously with a flexible scheduling feature. Whether you want to schedule every minute, every hour, every day, specific days of the week, or particular days of the month, it's all possible. Tailor your data collection process to suit your unique needs and timelines.

Then, when it's time to harvest your data, you have multiple data export options. You can extract it as a CSV directly from the app, have it mailed to you, or export it directly to a Google Sheet or Amazon S3 bucket. It's all about making data collection convenient for you.

Designed with developers in mind, Twitter User Tweets Scraper is programmatically ready. It sends a webhook when the scrape run is complete and provides API access for seamless integration with other tools and systems.

You won't miss a beat with our real-time notifications, keeping you in the loop whenever your data collection is complete.

And when it comes to speed, we leave the competition in the dust. Twitter User Tweets Scraper can collect over 250 tweets per minute, a drastic leap forward compared to the 100 tweets per minute limit of the official Twitter API. A solid 5x speed gap.

But it's not just about speed, it's about cost-effectiveness too. With our modest monthly plan of €250, you can collect up to 10.8 million tweets per month. That's barely €0.02 per 1000 tweets, compared to 10 EUR per 1000 tweets if you do use the official API. A 1:100 price competitiveness ratio. Our tool is a stunningly cost-effective solution.

Whether you need to build language models, perform sentiment analysis over finance, or develop third-party applications, our Twitter User Tweets Scraper tool has got you covered. Start your data journey with us today and explore Twitter like never before.