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Twitter Search Results Scraper

Scrape all tweets data from a Twitter Search URL and export it to googlesheet. Retweets and quotes included

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Extract 25 key data points from all Tweets and gain real-time understanding of trends and sentiment – all from just a Twitter search URL.

Do you wish you could analyze trends and sentiment on X (formally Twitter)? Manually combing through search results is time-consuming and limits your insights.

Introducing Twitter Search Results Scraper, your solution for effortless Twitter data collection.

Use cases

  1. Marketers: Track brand mentions, campaign performance, and analyze sentiment around your products or services.
  2. Researchers: Study public opinion, track social movements, and analyze language trends on Twitter.
  3. Businesses: Identify potential leads, collect customer feedback, and improve overall customer service.

Key data attributes

Twitter Search Results Scraper extracts 25 vital data attributes from all latest/top Tweets that appear in a Twitter search.

Data Attributes
Internal idView countBinded media url
Tweet urlRetweet countBinded media domain
Original tweet URL (if retweet)Like countBinded media thumbnail url
Original tweet id (if retweet)Quote countBinded media title
NameReply countBinded media description
User idBookmark countIs_retweet
UsernameMedia thumbnailIs_quoted
Published dateMedia type
Tweet ContentMedia url

Cool features

Scrape all top and latest Tweets from any Twitter Search URL. Twitter Search Results Scraper accepts all type search URLs. You can even use Twitter advanced search URLs.

Twitter Search Results Scraper data points

Collect 25 key data points like text, media, user data, likes and view count, much more from every tweet, reply, and quote tweet that appear in Twitter search.

Twitter Search Results Scraper collects data at a lightning speed of 125+ tweets per minute. Not enough for you? Increase the concurrency to scrape even faster.

Twitter Search Results Scraper concurrency

Download the dataset as a csv file or directly export all the data to Google Sheet, Amazon S3, or Webhook in a single click.

All crawlers are cloud-based, which means no download and installation required. You can run Twitter Search Results Scraper from anywhere, any time.

With our awesome schedule feature, you can automate the crawler to launch repeatedly. Launch your crawler hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly without manual interference.


Get notified instantly when your data extraction completes successfully or encounters any error.

For nerds, we do offer a developer-friendly API. Integrate Twitter Search Results Scraper in your applications and collect data at scale.