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Scrape unlimited Twitter profiles with 20+ data attributes.

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Ready to dive into the Twitterverse without any limits? Our Twitter Profile Scraper is your ticket to scraping Twitter profiles without holding back. With over 20 key data attributes including name, bio, followers, following, lists, favorites, media, posts, subscribers count, and even intriguing details like website, affiliation, and indicator of possibly sensitive content. No limits, just pure data freedom.

Use Cases:

  1. Competitor Analysis 🕵️‍♂️📊: Keep an eye on your competitors by tracking their follower count, subscriber count, lists, and likes.
  2. Lead Generation 💼🔍: Build a list of potential clients or collaborators by collecting Twitter profiles and contact information.
  3. Influencer Marketing 📢🤝: Identify suitable influencers by analyzing potential influencer profiles for their reach and engagement.

Key Data Attributes:

  1. Is blue verified
  2. Profile image shape
  3. Affiliate
  4. Affiliate label type
  5. Created at
  6. Favorite count
  7. Followers count
  8. Following count
  9. Lists count
  10. Bio
  11. Location
  12. Website
  13. Media count
  14. Name
  15. Possibly sensitive
  16. Profile banner url
  17. Profile image url
  18. Posts count
  19. Super follow eligible
  20. Verification reason
  21. Subscribers count
  22. Verified since
  23. And many more

Our Twitter Profile Scraper is all about breaking barriers and delivering speed, and it offers even more flexibility. With no restrictions on the number of profiles you can scrape, you have the freedom to explore endlessly.

But that's not all; with a remarkable scraping speed ⚡ of 100 profiles per minute, you gather data at a pace that matches your needs. Plus, our scraper supports both username and profile URL inputs.

Forget about complex installations and updates because it operates in the cloud, giving you access from anywhere, anytime. You have got a schedule feature 📅 that lets you automate your Twitter profile scraping. Set up automated scraping schedules to run daily, weekly, or monthly, precisely when you need it.

With our Developer-ready API, you can easily integrate our Twitter Profile Scraper into your applications, extending its power to enhance your projects. You can download your scraped data in a convenient CSV file format or export it directly to popular platforms like Google Sheets, Amazon S3, SFTP, or even trigger a webhook for real-time data updates.