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Scrape all Real Estate Listings from a PAP Search URL. #phone included!

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This automation will help you to scrape all companies from a PAP search URL. With more than 15 data attributes, including phone number!. All PAP URLs are accepted, including all flats types, price filtering logic or geographical locations. Scrape all PAP data: everything, everywhere.

It will specifically match your data scraping needs if you need to:

  1. find the proper flat you need on automation
  2. build a list of leads of real estate leads
  3. perform top-down market analysis and insights

Once complete, export your data to a structured and valuable dataset: a googlesheet, a s3 bucket, or simply receive it by email.

Launch your scraper on a recurring basis. With our schedule feature, you can specify how often you need to scrape, and we’ll trigger the launch at the hour suggested. For instance, every week day at 8AM.

All hours on the app are GMT+0 i.e. if you schedule at 8AM, the leboncoin scraping will start at 10AM Paris Time.

All automations do happen are cloud-based. It means you do not need to provide any computer resources to achieve the PAP scraping. Get the cloud data you need. Relax.

Use the advanced settings to precisely control the scraping tool. If you need to collect only a specific set of data, you can stop the scraping once the robot has reached a certain page. Collect exactly what you need, no more.

Increase collection power tenfold with multi-threading. If you need to collect a large data set, you can launch several bots at the same time, and maximize the scraping speed. Data scraping on steroids!

Finally, receive a nice notification directly in your mailbox, as soon as the collection is finished. No more silent end of collection, success is loud and clear.