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Leboncoin Auto Message Sender

Send messages on Leboncoin on automated, from a list of Listings. Contact sellers at scale!

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This cloud-based automation will allow to send personalized messages to Leboncoin sellers on automated from a list of Leboncoin Search URLs or a list of Leboncoin Listing URLs. Improve your Leboncoin communication process, save time, and expand your reach at scale with the Leboncoin Auto Message Sender.

As input Task you can either use a search URL e.g. https://www.leboncoin.fr/ventes_immobilieres/offres.
Send messages to all the sellers of the listings related to this search.


Or a listing URL e.g. https://www.leboncoin.fr/offre/voitures/2452050960.
Send messages to the seller of each listing, one after the other, and boost your reach on automated.

If you need to collect Leboncoin Listings URLs before sending messages, feel free to use our powerful Leboncoin Listings Search Export.

Who is this tool for?

Leboncoin Auto Message Sender is designed for businesses and individuals who regularly engage with leads, prospects, and sellers on Leboncoin. It is ideal for:

  1. Resellers and Collectors: Streamline the process of finding unique items or goods for resale with automated, scheduled messaging to selected listings.
  2. Real Estate Professionals: Improve property search efficiency and client satisfaction by automating outreach to property listings.
  3. Job Recruiters: Enhance recruitment efforts by using automated, personalized messages to engage potential candidates.
  4. Event Organizers: Streamline the search for vendors, venues, or resources by automating and personalizing messages, freeing up time to focus on event planning.

Key Features

Automated Messaging

The core benefit of the Leboncoin Auto Message Sender is its automated messaging feature. Instead of manually sending individual messages, the tool automatically sends messages to listings collected from your Search URL. Reach out to as many as 1500 contacts per day with our business plan.

Dynamic Variables

The Leboncoin Auto Message Sender takes personalization to the next level. By incorporating dynamic variables collected from the listing, e.g. $TITLE and $PSEUDO into your messages, you can tailor the content to resonate more effectively with each recipient, increasing the likelihood of a positive response.

Scheduled Messaging

Keep your communications timely and professional with scheduled messaging. Pre-set your runs and send messages at specific times, ensuring optimal engagement with your target audience.

Real-Time Notifications

Stay updated with every response. Our real-time notifications feature ensures that you're always informed once your run has ended and your messages have been sent. Follow up promptly on it and secure your hot deals.

Programmatically Ready

For tech-savvy users and developers, the Leboncoin Auto Message Sender comes with our API and webhook support. This makes it easy to integrate the tool into your existing workflows, further streamlining your operations.


Our tool sends out 1 message per 2 minutes. This rapid rate of outreach allows you to connect with your leads quickly, speeding up the process of closing deals and generating revenue, while respecting the physical resources of the target site.


Our Leboncoin Auto Message Sender offers a cost-effective solution to streamline your Leboncoin communication process. With the 50 EUR monthly plan, you can send up to 40-50 messages per day. Need a more extensive outreach? Our 250 EUR monthly plan allows for up to 1500 messages per day. Select the plan that best suits your needs and budget.

The Leboncoin Auto Message Sender is the only existing solution working at scale on the market. Its high-capacity automation and personalization features make it the most productive tool ever accessible for managing communications on Leboncoin. Harness the power of this industry-leading tool to amplify your outreach and enhance your operations.