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Idealista Listings Search Export

Scrape all the listings from an Idealista Search URL and export all of it into a googlesheet. #phone included!

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This automation will help you to scrape all listings from a Idealista search URL and export them into a proper googlesheet. With more than 10 data attributes, including description, phone or price. All Idealista Search URLs are accepted, including all category types, search filters or geographical locations. Collect listings data from any category, any location or any type.

We have successfully developed a no-code Idealista scraper that skillfully navigates past DataDome anti-bot strategies, enabling efficient and seamless data extraction.

It will specifically match your data scraping needs if you need to:

  1. track all offers from an object for acquisition purpose
  2. prepare a commercial prospecting campaign at scale
  3. perform top-down market analysis

Once complete, export your data to a structured and valuable dataset: a googlesheet, a s3 bucket, or simply receive it by email.

Launch your scraper on a recurring basis. With our schedule feature, you can specify how often you need to scrape, and we’ll trigger the launch at the hour suggested. For instance, every weekday at 8AM.

All automations do happen are cloud-based. It means you do not need to provide any computer resources to achieve the Idealista scraping. Get the cloud data you need. Relax.

Update advanced settings to stop collection once you do a certain number of pages. Collect precisely what you need.

Once the collection is complete, receive a success notification in your mailbox. Keep alway in touch with the automated process. Good news are speaking loud and clear!

Endly, in 3 minutes, set up an Idealista data scraping automation which will launch everyday at 8AM GMT+2, and collect daily 10 pages of listings. Track systematically, track exhaustively, track fast.