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Scrape Google News from any country or language. 6 data attributes per article, image included!

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Scrape Google News effortlessly from any country and language with Google News Search Export! Access up-to-the-minute headlines and articles with our powerful cloud-based scraper. With 6 data attributes, including article images, stay informed and take your news analysis to new heights! 📰🌍

Use Cases

Google News Search Export is the ultimate tool for various professionals, offering a wealth of applications:

  1. 📝 Content Creators: Elevate your articles and blog posts by integrating the freshest news content into your work, complete with engaging images to captivate your audience.
  2. 📈 Market Researchers: Gain valuable insights into global trends and public sentiment by analyzing news coverage from diverse regions and languages.
  3. 📰 Journalists: Stay ahead of the competition with real-time news updates, enabling you to craft timely and impactful stories.
  4. 📣 Social Media Managers: Keep your followers informed and engaged by curating compelling news content for your social media platforms.
  5. 🎓 Academic Researchers: Access a vast repository of news data for in-depth studies and comprehensive analyses.
  6. 💼 Business Analysts: Stay informed about industry-specific developments and emerging markets to make informed strategic decisions.

Data Attributes

  1. Article Title: Discover catchy headlines that capture the main essence of each news piece.
  2. Source: Find out where the news comes from to ensure it's credible and reliable.
  3. Article URL: Access direct links to the original articles for more in-depth reading and fact-checking.
  4. Published Date: Stay up-to-date with the exact time and date when each news item was published.
  5. Short Description: Get a quick overview of what each news item is about.
  6. Image URL: Enrich your news analysis with featured image URL.

Key Features

Scrape Google News articles from any country and in any language, breaking through barriers and keeping you informed on a global scale. Whether you're interested in local happenings or international events, our powerful scraper ensures you never miss a beat. 📰🌐

But that's not all! Fetch news from the past or stay up-to-the-minute with our flexible time range options. Choose to extract news from the past hour, past 24 hours, past week, past year, or any specific time you desire. You have complete control over the timeline, empowering you to conduct in-depth research, monitor trends, and track evolving stories. 📆⏰

Our lightning-fast scraper can extract 180+ news articles per minute from the Google News website, ensuring you get the latest updates at unprecedented speed. You're in control with our max results feature. Set the maximum number of news articles you want to scrape per keyword, tailoring your data extraction to meet your specific needs.

Note: unlike other scrapers on the market, our lobstr Google News Search Export scraper is not limited to 100 results per search. The scraper can collect data with no limitation, and retrieve data dating back to 2005. Collect data on a massive scale. Without any limitations. ⚡